New user registration and new submission through this website will now be unavailable

Jun 12, 2022

Dear authors,
Now your account will not be able to make new submissions via this old website. The new user registration will now also be disabled. For articles that have been submitted to this website, we will immediately move them to a new website where you can better monitor all stages of your article editorial process. For all authors, we will also soon move your account to our new website. You will soon receive an email regarding your new id and password to log in to our new website.
Please be patient, our new website will be live soon.
Once again we apologize for the inconvenience.


Warm Regards


We are moving

May 25, 2022



Now we're officially with Medknow - Wolter Kluwer. We will ensure that your articles and account transfer will run smoothly. The new account will soon be informed in your email, and all submissions under your account will also be automatically transferred. Please be patient, we are in the process of optimizing our new website for your convenience. We will launch the new website in no time.

Please be advised that all submissions access through this website will no longer be available at the end of July 2022.