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Lumbar burst fractures (LBF) is a common trauma case of the spine, recently still a difficult problem to solve. Experts have published the approaches and techniques, but there is still a high incidence of morbidity and mortality, unsatisfactory clinical and radiological results especially in developing countries. The minimal tissue destruction approach with rigid screw-rod construction allowed to lowering surgical costs and earlier patient recovery with successfully clinical and radiological results in the short term follow up.


Lumbar burst fracture Lordotic posterior column Postural pillow Smith-Peterson osteotomy

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Yudoyono, F., Baraqbah, H., & Herminawaty, D. (2020). Smith-Peterson osteotomy and lordotic posterior column compressive screw fixation proceed by postural pillow reduction improved realignment for unstable lumbar burst fracture. Neurologico Spinale Medico Chirurgico, 3(2), 36-39.


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