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Cervical synovial cysts (SC), however uncommon, can cause radiculopathy and myelopathy. In this study, we report a case of a cervical synovial cyst presented as myelopathy. A 48-year-old man presented with gait disturbance decreased touch senses and increased sensitivity to pain below the C5 level. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a 0.3-mm, bilateral mirror-like small cystic lesion in the spinal canal with cord compression at the C5-6 level. We performed a bilateral expansive laminoplasty of C5 using a posterior approach and completely removed the cystic mass. Histological examination of the resected mass revealed fibrous tissue fragments with amorphous materials and granulation tissue compatible with a synovial cyst. The patient’s symptoms resolved within 3 months after surgery.

Although cervical SC is often associated with degenerative facet joints, clinicians must be aware that SC may lead to neurological deficits.


Cervical spine, Degenerative, Synovial cyst, Myelopathy

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Yudoyono, F., Herminawaty, D., Hendra, Pratiwi, D., & Ramdhani, N. T. (2019). Bilateral mirror-like image of cervical synovial cyst in adults. Neurologico Spinale Medico Chirurgico, 2(2), 30-32.


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